Bukola Saraki, What Was On Your Mind?


Peter Claver Oparah
Senator Bukola Saraki
This certainly is not the best of times for Senate President, Bukola Saraki. From all seeming indices, he is living in borrowed times and the debts he has to pay for pushing his ambitions so vauntingly as he did in this dispensation far outweighs the benefits he might have gained from that effort. He has been kicked, shoved around, boxed and chased around as much as he had boxed, bitten, schemed and plotted to promote his interests. These are normal accoutrements of power and its pursuit, you might say, and nothing is wrong with that. Oh yes, Bukola Saraki is taking a normal course. It is his due right to nurse, promote and pursue his ambition as it is the rights of those that he feels are against him to stop his ambition, if it impinges on theirs. So why the heck is he making an issue of this?
To be frank, I don’t have personal distaste for Saraki, not that it matters though, but I have serious reservations about the means he employs to pursue his ambitions especially his present position as Senate President. I am galled that Saraki has to practically reinvent the Italian Social Scientist, Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli, in his bid to become Senate President and he never minded if his party implodes in the process. Sure, you have the right to adopt any tactics that suits you to drive your ambition but where it poses great danger to the platform that even made you what you are, it becomes a cardinal sin. As long as you deign your means right, nothing gives you the impetus to question the means your opponents employ to deal with you. If all is fair in battle, there should be …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper