How to unlock billions of naira for healthcare in Nigeria – Soyinka


Dr Olaokun Soyinka
Healthcare and the struggling economy
In these days of economic gloom it may appear wildly optimistic to say that there is a lot of money that could be made immediately available for use in the Nigerian healthcare sector. It may seem unrealistic to expect that a government currently superintending a bare treasury could somehow source billions of naira to inject into the health sector in states across the nation without crippling other sectors in the process. But I know it to be true and I believe it is especially urgent in these straitened times to get the money working for health in this country.
Our economic downturn has been frustrating for Nigerians looking forward eagerly to the change promised by General Buhari. It seems an unfair twist of fate to be gifted an honest leader who is determined to move Nigeria forward only for his administration to be starved of the funds to do the job. However, in the Health sector there is hope.
Hope for health?
We stand to benefit from a culmination of a series of public health events that began decades ago: A groundswell of opinion, policy changes, technical advances and an international public health community, impatient at our abject failure to improve our healthcare system, that is ready to back a big idea that might do the trick. We now have a clear route to our desired destination and resource mobilisation by Government and partners has provided significant financing; the only missing ingredient is political will. The right actions taken now will precipitate a cascade of changes that could create a revolution in the equitable delivery of quality healthcare services to our citizens.
Universal Health Coverage – the target
It is a long and winding path that has brought us to this promising take-off point. As …Read More

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