FIFA slams 12 years ban on Valcke


Jerome Valcke
The adjudicatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee chaired by Mr Hans Joachim Eckert has banned Mr Jérôme Valcke, former Secretary General of FIFA, for 12 years from all football-related activities (administrative, sports or any other) on national and international levels. The ban comes into force immediately.
The investigation against Mr Valcke was conducted by Dr Cornel Borbély, chairman of the investigatory chamber of the Ethics Committee, following allegations of potential misconduct related to the sale of tickets for FIFA World Cups™. During the course of the investigations, several other acts of potential misconduct arose, in particular abuse of the FIFA travel expenses policies and regulations, cases involving related-parties issues and the sale of TV and other media rights, and the destruction of evidence.
The investigation resulted in a final report that was submitted to the adjudicatory chamber on 5 January 2016. Adjudicatory proceedings were formally opened on 7, January 2016.
Amongst other things, the adjudicatory chamber found that a sports marketing firm had gained an undue advantage from selling FIFA World Cup tickets. In this respect, not only did Mr Valcke do nothing to stop these activities, he even encouraged the persons responsible to do so. Furthermore, Mr Valcke repeatedly encouraged them to breach an agreement concluded between FIFA and the sports marketing firm.
Moreover, by travelling at FIFA’s expense purely for sightseeing reasons as well as repeatedly choosing private flights for his trips over commercial flights without any business rationale for doing so, Mr Valcke, gained an advantage for himself and relatives. In doing so, Mr Valcke acted against FIFA’s best interests and caused considerable financial damage to FIFA, while his private and personal interests detracted him from his ability to properly perform his duties as the Secretary General of FIFA.
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Source:: PM Newspaper