CAN to Nigerians: Support Buhari’s anti-corruption war


Prof. Joseph Otubu, General Evangelist, Motailatu Church, Cherubim and Seraphim Worldwide, on Saturday urged Nigerians to support President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration in the fight against corruption.
Otubu made the call at the 2016 Inter-Denominational Divine Service (IDDS 2016) with the theme: ‘Great Faith; The Antidote to Helplessness’ organised by Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Lagos Chapter.
He said that money embezzled in the country could have been used to foster programmes that would engage restive youths meaningfully.
“The amount of money that corrupt politicians had embezzled was making the country to be at a standstill; there is a lot of joblessness, hunger and illness in our land.
“We have a country whereby small fraction had plenty, while large fraction had none.
“If we can share the little we have to the less privileged, poverty will be reduced.
“Christianity is about integrity and humility; we should call ourselves to order. Let us rise and support government’s anti-corruption war.
“CAN have already started war against corruption, all of us must join in the crusade.
“We will encourage and continue to pray for the government to remain focused and strong,” he said.
Otubu urged religious leaders to use the pulpit to impart good values and virtues to Nigerians.
“As religious leaders we have the responsibility to look at ourselves first, we should teach our congregation that it pays to be honest,” he added.
In the same vein, Alexander Bamgbola, of the Lagos Chapter of CAN, appealed to Nigerians to encourage the government to remain steadfast in its fight against corruption.
“We encourage President Buhari’s anti-corruption drive; nobody is above the law, and anybody that is found guilty should be prosecuted, no matter the person’s position.
“Nigeria should be a nation where everyone will be accountable for his or her misdeeds, you break the law of the land, no matter who you are, …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper