Oke-Odo Pesdestrian Bridge turns love nest


In spite of the pedestrian bridge at the Ile-Epo market axis on the Lagos/Abeokuta Expressway, residents of Oke-Odo have continued to risk their lives by dashing across the road.
The development has led to many deaths as fast moving vehicles crush people who failed to adhere to warnings against crossing the expressway.
Some of the residents who spoke to NAN on Saturday in Lagos said the facility had been converted into a meeting spot for lovers who use the bridge as a rendezvous of some sort.
They also said that hoodlums in the area have also taken advantage of the location of the bridge to perpetrate acts of illegality on pedestrians using the bridge.
Some of them complained about their health conditions, including age and rheumatic pains which prevented them from being able to climb the bridge.
The development, they said had made some residents, especially those with children to dash across the road, instead of using the bridge that was meant for their safety and well being.
NAN reports that complaints from the residents to the authorities have prompted the police to increase its surveillance at day and night to ensure law and order in the locality
But in spite of the restoration of order by law enforcement agents, some pedestrians still preferred to dash across the road, instead of using the facility.
A trader, Mrs Olabisi Adeogun, told NAN that the reason why she was not using the bridge was because of her physical condition.
“I don’t have the strength to climb this bridge, I prefer to walk across the road which is easier for me,” she said.
On his part, Mr Daniel Udoye, a banker, told NAN that he preferred to cross the road at night for safety reasons.
He, however, urged the government to light up the pedestrian bridge at night to assure would be users of …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper