Lagos And The Menace Of Open Defecation


Alao Diyaolu
Men defecating openly in Lagos
This rather shameful business has continued to stain the image of Lagos as a rising mega city. For adults, the business is often done under the cover of darkness. For children, it is usually done in the open under the surveillance of adults. The name of this terrible business, which happens to be one of the fundamental aspects of sanitation and issues that mirror our underdevelopment as a nation, is open defecation.
Open defecation is a practice whereby people defecate in the open and in an area not meant for that purpose unmindful of its unhealthy and unhygienic repercussions. Despite all the infrastructure renewal efforts of the Lagos state government, poor sanitation and open defecation remains a hurdle the state must overcome before entering the league of developed cities.
From Agege to Apapa, Epe to Badia, Ikorodu to Badagry and other such communities in the state, it is common to see people on the highways disembarking from their cars to defecate openly along the road. Walking along the railroad tracks you could see people, male and female, engage in mass open defecation. On the streets, behind bushes, in groves of trees, in rivers or streams, inside gutters, dump sites, in motor parks and market, people liitter these areas with faeces with impunity. Even some of the fanciest areas are not spared.
In many parts of the state, communities located near the rail track or canals are the guiltiest of open defecation. The question is, why is the practice so rampant? A lot is responsible for the menace. A lot of those who indulge in the habit come into Lagos without making any arrangement for a decent accommodation. Just like people travelling abroad without any conceived idea of how they could earn a decent living, many people see …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper