Travellers lament high charges for using trolleys at airports


Air travellers in Nigeria are lamenting the high cost of using some facilities at the nation’s airports, describing payment for using facilities like trolleys as clear exploitation.
In a nationwide survey conducted by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the travellers queried the high cost of some facilities provided at the Nigerian airports, ranging from parking vehicles to other sundry services.
They wondered why users of items such as trolleys still had to pay to use the facility, arguing that use of such facilities had been built into air tickets.
At the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja some of the travellers said they paid between N150 to N400 to use trolleys that ought to be provided free.
A traveller at the local wing of the airport, Mr Hakeen Adebola, told NAN that he resorted to dragging his luggage, instead of paying a huge amount demanded by an airport official for him to use trolleys.
He argued that it was wrong for government to allow private firms to extort money from air travellers, pointing out that use of trolleys was free in other countries around the globe.
“Why are things different in Nigeria, why should air travellers in Nigeria pay for facilities that are provided free in other countries.”
“I am calling on the Federal Government to take urgent steps to make trolleys available to air travellers at no cost in Nigeria,” he stated.
Similarly his colleague, Mr James Pam, said the payment of money to a private firm before using facilities at the nation’s airports portrayed high-level exploitation of travellers.
Pam argued that such arrangement was not in the best interest of the country, adding that it did not speak well of Nigeria before the international community.
His co-traveller, Mrs Juliet Abdul, said that using trolleys was free at airports around the world, expressing her disappointment that people should …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper