Onyeka Onwenu reacts to her dismissal, condemns ethnic agenda


Onyeka Onwenu, Ex-Director-General, National Centre for Women Development (NCWD)
Onyeka Onwenu has reacted to her sack as Director General of the National Centre for Women Development (NCWD), noting that, their was an ethnic agenda against her.
Onwenu, one of Nigeria’s most celebrated musicians, stated that there was no sense of professionalism or commitment to duty at the Centre until her arrival.
She pointed out that the acting Director General, led a Northern agenda against her. “Their Chief organizer, the acting DG, went about whipping up ethnic sentiments against me. Late 2015, the same officer had gone to the Center’s Mosque to ask for the issue of a Fatwa against me, claiming that I was working against the interest of the North. We nipped that in the bud by calling a townhall meeting and asking that proof be provided. The Fatwa was denied and peace reigned for a while,” she said in a statement.
She then advised that the Federal Government should really look into the parastatals and take note of the fact that many people who work on them do not have the requisite qualification. “Many contribute nothing and many see their job as personal entitlement. They are owed because Nigeria belongs to them and them alone,” she said.
Read her full statement below:
When the call came on Sept 13 2013, to serve the Nigerian people as DG National Center For Women Development, I took it as a call from God and I answered in the affirmative.
I served for two years and five months and did my best under very difficult conditions. We hardly had money to operate and the place was badly run down. Worst, there was low moral and lack of commitment among the staff. Most of them spent the day loitering and gossiping. Many …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper