Astymin Promo winners say their lives have changed


Astymin is not only delivering positively on the health and well-being of Nigerians through its essential amino-acid and multivitamins, it is also putting smiles on their faces by subtly touching their lives where it matters through its get alert promo.
One of the winners Inuolaji Bukola Ajara, has shared her experience on the Astymin Get Alert Promo and how she intends to improve her business with her prize reward, having emerged one of the lucky winners in the promo. (
Bukola also said she has been using Astymin with her family after trying it the first time, following doctor’s recommendation. Since then, Astymin had been their regular daily multivitamin for her entire household.
Bukola is one of many Nigerians who have showered praises on the brand for the ongoing reward.
One of the recent winners, Pastor Mrs Esther Fekumo from Igbalu area of Ikorodu, Lagos had said earlier that Astymin has consistently delivered on its promise of quality aminoacid-enriched multivitamin that boosts the body immune system and enhances general well-being for her family.
“I tried it, it is very good. It kept my body very fine. My daughter also took this same Astymin sometime ago and it boosted all the vitamins that were needed in her body. That is why we have been using it continuously in our family,” Pastor Fekumo said.
Another winner, Mr Isaac Ewuba Edafe​​ from Benin City also corroborated Fekumo’s claims, saying that apart from the on-going Promo which is an additional reward to its customers,​ Astymin has remained a top-notch multivitamin for his family.
The Astymin Get Alert Promo, which has been doling out N100, 000 to lucky winners every day since the commencement of the promo, is an engaging brand experience that will deliver both health and financial value to Nigerians. It is the brand’s way of rewarding …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper