Roadside Parking As Headache Of Lagos Road Users


Samuel Omojoye
cars at a park
Being a coastal area, surrounded by bodies of water, land remains a goldmine in Lagos State and so anybody that has a space wants to maximize its benefits to the maximum. Economically, this has its good sides, especially for the land owners. But it becomes unfair when it has negative effects on others. Years ago, every modern residential building used to have either garage or ample parking space for their visitors and ply area or recreation areas for the residents. Business organizations were also situated in such a way that clients’ parking needs are catered for.
Things have, however, changed. Nowadays, buildings are being erected without space for parking while blocks of flats keep springing up here and there without consideration for residents’ parking lots. Schools of various sizes are similarly now being constructed with little or no arrangement for parking and leisure spaces. Eventually, roadsides and major streets become improvised parking spaces. This, of course, constitutes a major nuisance for free vehicular movement and ultimately partly responsible for traffic gridlock in the state.
Extreme lawlessness is so manifested in the building sector that some developers even convert areas marked as parking lots to blocks of shops, thus making nonsense of physical planning arrangement. Today, new housing estates are springing up daily across the state without addressing the same issue. Old houses are being pulled down at various places in the state, only to give rise to gigantic shopping complexes and event centres built along major roads with no designated parking lots.
This distasteful practice is now a common sight across the state with its attendant harsh and depressing implications on commuters and pedestrians’ movements. Since roads have suddenly become excessively narrow as a result of vehicles that are parked on either side of the roads, the …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper