Supreme Sanctuary For Election Riggers


Peter Claver Oparah
Supreme Court judges
I hope those who have now formed an emergency vanguard for the defence of the Supreme Court just because it played an unusual Father Christmas in rewarding their electoral roguery fully understand the long term implication of the controversial rulings, how they badly assail the credibility of the electoral process and how they stand to affect the political interests they are trying to protect. I say this because certainly, we will live with the intended and unintended negative implications of the Supreme Court adjudications in last year’s governorship election unless President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC decide to be magnanimous enough to allow the continued reform of the country’s electoral system which the Supreme Court abridged by their ludicrous judgments. They have a gargantuan choice to go by the Supreme Court, discard the card reader, adopt every vile means including mass killing and ensure their party remains the sole party in the land. At least, the Supreme Court, by its strings of confounding judgments in last year’s governorship election, feels these were within the ambit of the law.
Before getting at the meat of my report, let us recall the country’s hard and tortuous journey to reform the electoral process so that outcome of elections can reflect the wishes and democratic choices of the majority of Nigerians. Let us recall that the country’s elections and electoral processes have been continuous mishmash of election rigging, violence, manipulation and all sorts of negative vices that always reward the strongest, the most vile, the most brutal, the most callous, the richest, the most powerful and the crudest irrespective of the electoral choices of the people. Let us call to mind that in 2007, the outgoing President Obasanjo, in cahoots with the Maurice Iwu-led INEC went brazen in manipulating the elections …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper