Automedics Nigeria launch voice response service


Daniels Ekugo
Kunle Shonaike of Automedics Nigeria
The popular auto solution provider on radio stations nationwide, The Automedics has again successfully unveiled first ever Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Service to ensure that customers are attended to at any time of the day, especially through its popular live and interactive radio programme in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Ilorin and Abeokuta (these are the cities where the Automedics radio show is broadcast daily or thrice weekly).
Speaking at the media launch of the IVR service in Lagos, the Chief Operating Officer of the organisation, Mr. Gbola Oba, said with the introduction of the service which the company is proud to pioneer, various customers who have always complained of not being able to get through during the daily live radio shows can now call any time of the day to get solutions to their vehicles problems.
According to him, there are over 40 well-trained technicians who are on standby to attend to motorists and technicians who need help in respect of the vehicular assets in their custody.
Oba said motorists and technicians could access the IVR service by dialing 01-440-66-66, adding that, the line can accommodate about 140 callers simultaneously.
“In view of the unfortunate fall in the value of the naira relative to other forex; it’s inevitable that the prices of automobiles will go up. Therefore, this round-the-clock helpline will make motorists maximise value from their vehicular assets.
“With the IVR, there can be no better platform to target adverts (like car loans, vehicle insurance, lubricants and other auto products/services) to automobile- using/dependent end users than this innovative IVR service.
“Because all the hundreds or thousands of calls to this T1 line, 01-440-66-66 (this is a line that will accommodate 140 callers simultaneously), will be initiated by motorists and mechanics; there can be no better platform to target adverts …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper