10 leaders who ruined Nigeria


By Bolanle Bolawole
Chief Olusegun Obasanjo
The weather is inclement; searing heat is walloping everyone. It is impossible to sleep at night – day time is none better. The depletion of the ozone layer has brought about this terrible climatic change – and the situation will progressively get worse if the super-power nations fail to agree on drastic measures to save the ozone layer. The much-needed agreement is nowhere in sight as the industrial giants are neither ready to take their foot off the pedal of massive energy consumption for industrial production nor adopt costly safety measures that will better protect the environment. Capitalism thrives on maximum profit, even at the expense of a clean environment and safe health for the people. What we contribute to this endangerment of our world is paltry; with almost all our industries having relocated and yesterday’s factories becoming worship centres in droves: Only the fumes from “I-pass-my-neighbour” generators and the exhaust pipes of vehicles that ought to have long been slammed with the VIO’s “off-the-road” label.
Power supply is at its lowest ebb ever – even after the latest astronomical increase in tariff. The more we pay; the less we receive. Power Minister, Babatunde Raji Fashola, these days keeps a bald head – it may not be for the fun of it but a reflection of how bereft of ideas the authorities are on this score. Those who unbundled PHCN made terrible mistakes or, better still, wallowed in corruption, but it is not a light thing that a CHANGE regime has chosen to perpetuate the gargantuan fraud called privatization. Rather than sell to investors the sellers sold to speculators.
Collusion, collaboration, and corruption combined to strip the nation of its assets without commensurate benefits. Portmanteau and portfolio carriers came here and sweet-tongued corrupt leaders to short-change the nation, …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper