Amnesty International And Its Double Mission In Nigeria


By Desita Todorova
Amnesty international
The authorities in Nigeria are possibly waking up to the reality of the true nature of the mission of Amnesty International (AI) in their country. Hopefully, the realization that the international ‘non-governmental organisation’ may not be all about safeguarding human rights may have finally dawned on the most populous African country, which has been in the grip of extremists themed terrorism of the Boko Haram sect(which refers to itself as Wilayat Gharb Ifriqiyyah – Islamic State West Africa Province, ISWAP), particularly in the country’s north-east. This realization and the frustration that naturally follows was given vent at a meeting between Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai and AI’s Director Of Research Africa, Netsanet Belay.
It is quite surprising that the Nigerian Army had erroneously expected AI or any of their franchises or affiliates will have anything positive to say about their country or the war they have been waging against terrorists, whose reign of terror in the enclave they earlier controlled was so barbaric that even al-Qaeda disowned them. The tide turned with the coming of General Buratai as he found the strategy to motivate the fighting forces coupled with the acquisition of the hardwares that were previously dismally lacking. The anger of the Nigerian side during the meeting with AI representatives and afterwards is then understandable: instead of receiving acknowledgement for rescuing civilian populations from bloodthirsty terrorists the NGO came on a fault finding mission that could be potentially escalated to bring war crime charges against those who fought terrorists.
The Nigerian side would have to do better than getting angry. Its best bet is to understand the entity it is dealing with. On the surface, AI markets itself as that infallible guardian of human right across the globe. But how well does …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper