Akwa Ibom: Community leader calls for peace between farmers, herdsmen

FILE PHOTO: A herdsman in Nigeria

FILE PHOTO: A herdsman in Nigeria

The Head of Hausa Community in Akwa Ibom, Alhaji Hassan Sadauki, has called for peaceful coexistence between the herdsmen and farmers in various communities across the country.

Sadauki made the appeal in an interview with NAN in Uyo on Wednesday.

He said that the recent attack of Ukpabi Nimbo community in Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu state by Fulani herdsmen was regrettable.

He noted that over the years, cattlemen and the agrarian community had been cohabiting peacefully.

The community leader said that the nation would not grow to its enviable height with attacks and violent conflicts.

According to him, Nigerians irrespective of tribe and religion have been living in peace with one another without unnecessary suspicion.

“There must be peaceful coexistence between the host community and the settlers.

“Farmers and herdsmen who migrate from one place to another have coexisted peacefully in the past.

“There must be a synergy of interacting with one another, live in peace and have desirable progress in the society.

“Even our religion teaches us to be very peaceful and cohabit with one another,” Sadauki said.

He reiterated the need for herdsmen, farmers and communities to respect one another and be their brother’s keeper.

He noted that the herdsmen would not survive alone without the farmers and other members of the community.

The community leader advocated for regular meetings and sensitisation among community, herdsmen and farmers as measures to nib crisis in the bud.

According to him, such meetings will provide avenues for herdsmen, farmers and communities to express their views and settle their grievances amicably.

He, therefore, urged security agencies in the country to be proactive and respond swiftly to any insecurity situation in the country.

“Security agencies should take proactive measures always by meeting with stakeholders in the communities including herdsmen and farmers to nib clashes in the bud.

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Source:: PM Newspaper