4 innocent mothers, babies set free from prison

Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Mahmud Mohammed

Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Mahmud Mohammed

Four innocent mothers with their babies dumped into prison by the authorities have been set free from the Umuahia federal prison.

The women who had no case files against were set free by the Chief Judge of Abia State, Justice Theresa Uzokwe, during a visit to the prison.

Uzokwe also ordered the release of two male inmates.

According to her, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) had no case file against the four female inmates since they were remanded in custody.

Uzokwe said that the jail warrants for the four female inmates had expired and there was no charge pending against them.

She also said that the accused persons were discharged and acquitted, considering the absence of any information on their warrant to justify their continued stay in prison.

Uzokwe explained that the male inmates were being discharged on the grounds that they had been remanded in custody long enough to have served the terms for the offences they committed.

She directed the DPP and the police to expedite action to ensure that accused persons in prison custody were charged to court.

Uzokwe said that this would aid the quick dispensation of justice and decongestion of the prisons as well as prevent the occurrence of situations where accused persons were unlawfully detained.

The Federal Prison in Umuahia had 910 male and 45 female inmates while the prison facility had the capacity to contain only 500 persons.

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Source:: PM Newspaper