Police prosecutors engage in illegalities- Lawyers

Fatai Owoseni, Commissioner of Police, Lagos State

Fatai Owoseni, Commissioner of Police, Lagos State

Some members of the Nigerian Bar Association in Lagos State have accused the police of engaging in illegalities and undermining the justice system.

Two members of NBA in Ikorodu who levelled this charge against the police urged the authorities to address the issue of falsification of the ages of minors by the police, to enable their prosecution.

One of the lawyers, Miss Christy Elekwachi, said that it amounted to gross violation of the criminal justice procedure and the rule of law to tinker with the age of a suspect.

She said that it was anti-society for the police to arraign any suspect without thoroughly investigating the allegations against him or her.

“Many times, we lawyers are amazed with the contents in some Charge sheets.

“The very common uncertainties are to find the ages of accused persons increased deliberately, to fast-track their prosecution and file bogus charges against them.

“Policemen who indulge in these acts of maladministration are enemies of our development and progress as a people,” she said.

Elekwachi added that Police prosecutors that encourage illegalities just to get judgment against accused persons should face a court martial and be publicly disgraced.

“An injury to one under the law is an injury to all of us and where innocent persons are condemned because of the manipulation of the police will only breed mass anger and disgust.

“These official corrupt acts are what defile our pursuit of a sane society,” she said.

Similarly, Mr Adekunle Adekoya, alleged that there were many miscarriages of justice going on in Nigeria with the police being a major contributor to such misadventures.

“From experience, the police bring many criminal cases before our magistrate courts where the complainant refuses to appear or has indicated interest not to pursue the matter beyond the Police Station level.

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Source:: PM Newspaper