Division will spell doom for NLC-Aremu

Issa Aremu of textile workers union

Mr Issa Aremu, the General Secretary of the National Union of Textile Garment and Tailoring Workers of Nigeria, on Thursday declared that the current division in the labour movement over fuel price hike will spell doom for the unions.

In a statement issued in Kaduna, Aremu called on the unions to unite for the common good of the labour movement in Nigeria

He said that labour unions must reinvent and return to the vibrant movement they used to be, instead of undermining each other.

“If we operate separately, we will be defeated separately, but if we operate in unity, we will triumph as one.

“The recent 70 percent fuel increase is indiscriminate in its impact on transport cost and cost of living in general.

“The response of organised labour must, therefore, be inclusive and uniform, not disjointed as we recently witnessed.”

Aremu stressed that worsening poverty, rising inflation, job losses and bad governance must task the imaginations of labour leaders to work as one instead of seeking for recognition from governments and employers.

He added that the current divisiveness in the movement would not deliver tangible results for the working men and women in the country.

“It is commendable and reassuring that Minister of Labour and Employment, Sen. Chris Ngige, says government had no intention of factionalising the labour movement.

“`Therefore, we call on the Minister of Labour and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation to initiate another round of all inclusive engagement with NLC and TUC on the recent fuel price increase.

“Textile Union is not happy that NLC could not have a common collective action on the fuel price increase just as we could not organize a joint May Day in spite of the joint resolutions of all the parties to put the past behind.

“It’s time we close ranks to ensure we have a labour …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper