Stop buying expensive phones for your children-LG Boss

A set of Nokia phones

A set of Nokia phones

Professor Rose Onah, the Chairperson, Transition Caretaker committee of Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State has advised parents to stop buying expensive cell phones and other gadgets to their children in primary and secondary schools.

Onah gave the advice on Friday in Nsukka in her remark during the 2016 Children’s Day celebration.

She said buying expensive cell phones for the children at that level of educational pursuit would make them to pay more attention to social media and less attention to their studies.

She added that “facebook, Internet and cell phones are some of the things responsible for the decline in quality of education and rise in juvenile crimes in the country.

“Parents should stop buying expensive cell phones and other things and monitor their children’s usage of social media in order to reduce the risk and crime associated with social media.”

The chairperson, who said that the quality of education in the country was on the decline, noted that “whenever you see a primary or secondary school child, if he or she is not pressing mobile phone, he or she is watching home movie.

“This is at the detriment of reading his or her books.”

She also urged children to pay serious attention to their studies to justify money their parent invested on their education and for them to contribute to national development in future.

“If you study hard and achieve good results in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, you will get good employment and buy any type of cell phone or gadget you want in future.

“Reading your books and doing assignments given to you by your teachers will help you to make good result and not being on facebook 24 hours.

“Majority of students engage in examination malpractice because they wasted their time in watching films and engage in social media.”

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Source:: PM Newspaper