Late Muhammad Ali: What people are saying

Muhammad Ali, Boxing Legend

Muhammad Ali was vocal throughout his career, giving an opinion on just about everything – but here we look at what people said about him.

“I always felt like God made Muhammad special, but I don’t know why God chose me to carry this child.” Odessa Grady Clay, Ali’s mother

“When he was a child he never sat still. He walked and talked and did everything before his time. His mind was like the March wind blowing every which way.” Odessa Grady Clay

“Well, you better learn how to fight before you start challenging people that you’re gonna whup.” Police officer Joe Martin to a young Cassius Clay after the latter’s bicycle was stolen

“He used to ask me to throw rocks at him. I thought he was crazy, but he’d stand back and dodge every one of them… I could never hit him.” Rahman Ali, Ali’s brother

“Even at 18, Clay was the most vivid, the most alive figure I’d ever met.” Legendary American sportswriter Dick Schaap

“My wife and kids are crazy about him, I’m crazy about him, but he won’t do what I tell him.” Boxing great, early Ali sparring partner and future opponent Archie Moore

“In private, a lot of the time he was real thoughtful and quiet. But he knew how to promote himself. God, he could do that.” Angelo Dundee, Ali’s trainer.

“There’s only one Cassius Clay. Thank God.” Angelo Dundee

“He destroyed a generation of fighters by boxing with his hands down. Everyone who did that got creamed but Ali was so quick he could get away with it.” Angelo Dundee

“Sometimes he sounds humorous but sometimes he sounds like a man who can write beautifully but can’t punctuate.” Archie Moore before his 1962 fight with Ali

“Everyone in Britain hates his bloody guts.” Britain’s Henry Cooper before his 1963 fight with Ali …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper