Hillary Clinton makes history as first female US Democratic Party candidate

Hillary Clinton, US Democratic Party Presidential Candidate

Hillary Clinton, US Democratic Party Presidential Candidate

Without the fanfare of an election night victory Hillary Clinton was declared the winner of the Democratic nomination this on Monday as she campaigned in Los Angeles.

The Associated Press, which runs the premiere delegate-tracking service, first made the call and was quickly followed by NBC News, CNN and CBS.

Almost eight years from the day that she bowed out of a tight race against Barack Obama, Clinton made history with the announcements, becoming the first woman to top a major political party’s ticket in the United States.

AP determined tonight that Clinton had enough super delegates in her corner to win the nomination at this summer’s convention without the votes that will be cast in Tuesday’s elections in six states and one final contest next week in the District of Columbia.

‘According to the news we are on the brink of a historic, historic, unprecedented moment,’ Clinton said at a rally in Long Beach, California.

An hour later a defiant Sanders took the stage in San Francisco and swatted down the projections, telling supporters that if he wins in California, ‘we’re going to go into that convention with enormous momentum.’

Worried about a depressed turnout in California, a state she won in 2008, Clinton urged her supporters not to be complacent and stay at home on Tuesday.

‘We still have work to do, don’t we. We have six elections tomorrow, and we’re gonna fight hard for every single vote, especially right here in California,’ she said.

Sanders trails her by just two points in the giant state with 39 million residents and could grab headlines late Tuesday with a victory after Clinton has claimed the Democratic nomination.

Clinton needed 2,383 delegates total to become the nominee.

AP determined she had exactly that much support this evening, when the super …Read More

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