Britons vote to leave EU in early results

Cameron: voters appear to have ignored his plea to stay in EU

Cameron: voters appear to have ignored his plea to stay in EU

Early results from Britain’s bitterly contested referendum showed a lead on Friday for supporters of leaving the European Union, contradicting opinion polls and prompting wild swings in the value of the pound.

With results in from the first 13 of 382 voting districts, those in favor of ending Britain’s 43-year membership were on 52.4 percent of the vote, while those wanting to stay were on 47.6 percent.

But it was too early to establish a firm trend in a contest that remained too close to call. Opinion surveys pointed to a vote to Remain, and two prominent anti-EU campaigners said they expected to lose.

Early results, according to Mail Online, are showing a different decision by voters, at least in England.

Sunderland recorded a massive 61 per cent to 39 per cent win for Leave – 82,394 votes to 51,930 – shocking the Remain side which had been voicing confidence about its prospects for victory overall.

It was swiftly followed by Swindon which voted out by 10,525 votes – 61,745 to 51,220, although Leave had expected to win by a greater margin.

Conversely, Broxbourne voted Leave with more votes than predicted – 33,706 to 17,166.

After results in 15 counting areas out of 382, Remain was on 48.5% and Leave on 51.5% in England.

The BBC reported however that Scotland voters are identifying with the Remain Camp, in results declared so far.

Orkney declared its result at about 00:05, with Remain winning 7,189 votes (63%) and Leave on 4,193 (37%). Turnout was 68.4%.

It was followed by Clackmannanshire, which backed Remain by 58% to 42%.
Dundee, Shetland and West Dunbartonshire also voted in favour of Remain, as did the Western Isles.

In East Ayrshire, Remain won 33,891 (59%) votes to Leave’s 23,942 (41%), while in Midlothian it was 28,217 …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper