New militant group springs up, demands sovereign state


Despite the recent efforts of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s led administration to bring succour to the crisis-ravaged oil-rich Niger Delta region, there may be yet another hindrance with the emergence of a new militant group, Asawana Deadly Force of Niger Delta (ADFND).

The group which emerged yesterday in the region is threatening to cripple the oil industry across the nine Niger Delta states unless the Federal Government grants them the “Niger Delta Republic in the next couple of days.”

The group in a statement issued by its leader, Commander Olomubini Kakarakokoro, a.k.a No Mercy, said that, “Except our demand for Niger Delta Republic is granted, without further notice to the Federal Government, we shall proceed to bomb Bonga field flow station, Asaba- Onistha Bridge, Third Mainland Bridge and other major bridges in the Southtern part of the country, just for a start.

“The Federal Government should as a matter of urgency, withdraw all the military check points from the riverside areas of the Niger Delta, else we shall proceed to match against any baby military formation in the region without further notice.

“We are most dreaded, deadly and dangerous group in Niger Delta. Our team is comprised of specialists in different fields of war, and is poised to win the struggle for a Niger Delta State. Our struggle is not for monetary benefit or the so-called monthly N65,000 amnesty stipend. It is for the liberation and the development of the Niger Delta region.

“We therefore, warn every other group or persons as regards the fake dialogue process embarked upon by the Federal Government to know that they are not doing that for us. We are taking over from our brothers, the Niger Delta Avengers.

“As we speak all preparations and plans are on ground to strike and bring down the crude oil production to 0%, irrespective …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper