Elechi Amadi; A Tribute

• Captain Elechi Amadi

• Captain Elechi Amadi

Wale Okediran.

Although I had met him early in life through his books, my first encounter with Captain Elechi Amadi (Retd) was in the late 80s through the Association Of Nigerian Authors (ANA) which I joined after qualifying as a Medical Doctor in 1980.

Coming from a purely science background like the late accomplished writer, it was Amadi and some other literary icons of his generation who warmly welcomed me into the fold of writers and made my literary take off a very smooth one.

Apart from his writing, Elechi Amadi soon became a regular face at ANA Conventions where his wealth of experience and literary acumen were found very useful in a body of writers known for its sometimes restive membership. I could recollect that as far back as the 90’s, Amadi had advised the ANA to consider the Private Public Partnership (PPP) option in developing her landed property in Abuja in view of the Association’s inadequate financial and professional expertise to handle the project on its own.

Regrettably, his words of wisdom as an experienced Land Surveyor went unheeded for many years leading to massive loss of some of the property.

It was only in 2014 under the leadership of Remi Raji as ANA President that ANA finally freed itself from the grips of those who had been holding it back, heeded Elechi Amadi’s golden advice and finally commenced the development of the long forgotten but now decimated ANA Land through the PPP option.

As a regular visitor to Port Harcourt since 1990 when I became ANA’s National Treasurer on to my tenure as ANA’s National President between 2005 to 2008 and even beyond, Elechi Amadi and his charming wife, Preye became close friends, hosts and fountains of wisdom for me anytime I was in the ‘Garden …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper