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Ambode And The Street Traders Of Lagos

Governor Ambode: vows to implement street trading ban

Governor Ambode: vows to implement street trading ban

By Reuben Abati

I wrote this piece after holding a series of conversations with Lagos street traders and hawkers who seem not to be aware of or are just indifferent to, or may be they are intrigued by, the fact that the State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode has declared on television that the state government is prepared to enforce an existing law banning street hawking. The relevant law, the Lagos State Street Trading and Illegal Market Prohibition Law, 2003 prescribes a punishment of N90, 000 or a six-month jail term, for both the buyer and the seller of any goods or services on the streets. So I asked this vendor, who kept pushing copies of the day’s newspapers in my face, so close, you wouldn’t even be able to read the headline free of charge.

“My friend, are you aware that what you are doing is illegal? You never hear say Governor Ambode don ban street trading?”

“That one no concern vendor oh. Na these other people wey dey sell chewing gum and water dem dey talk about”

“No. Street trading is street trading. You are hawking your newspapers, why don’t you get a shop or a stand?”

“Make I open shop to sell newspaper? Na for inside traffic people dey buy newspaper, oga?’”

“I just hope they won’t arrest you. The fine is N90, 000 or six months in jail.”

“Oga, you wan buy paper? Which one you wan buy, I beg. See, the thing be say, for this Nigeria, anytime wey anybody reach power, dem go just dey do wetin dey like. Dey no dey pity we poor people at all.”

I laughed and drove off.

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