Saraki forgery trial: Let the rule of law take its course

Senator Bukola Saraki and Senator Ike Ekweremadu

Senator Bukola Saraki and Senator Ike Ekweremadu

By Buki Ponle

By Buki Ponle

Why are Senators Bukola Saraki and Ike Ekweremadu crying presumptively over alleged forgery of the Senate rules, an action which reportedly rocked them to the headship of the Senate at its inception in June

Nobody has declared them guilty yet, and suppose at the end of their current trial over the case, the judge declares them innocent? Or are they insinuating that they are above the law, and should never have been scrutinized by a court of law in the first place? Or the issue is too infinitesimal and ought to have been overlooked? Or they will never obtain fair trial?

And why should the whole Senate allow itself to be drawn into a criminal matter involving individual members and not the hallowed chamber? Is it a matter of ‘rub my back today, I will rub yours tomorrow?’

Few days ago, the two principal actors, alongside two others, appeared before a competent law court, charged with tampering with the rules to pave way for their victory. Yet, they moved swiftly to the court of
public opinion for reasons best known to them. Senators have also accused the executive arm of government as
overbearingly interfering in the affairs of the legislature, moving beyond its bounds and constituting a threat to democracy. They view it as an affront and an assault to the integrity of the lawmakers.
President Muhammadu Buhari is, once again, called a dictator over his style of administration.

In the first instance, it was the police that investigated the forgery allegation and found out that there was more to it than meets the eyes. Consequently, they forwarded their findings to the Attorney-General
of the Federation and Minister of Justice who is the chief custodian of the Nigerian law.

The case was taken to the law court which is …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper