NCPC to reduce pilgrimage fare to Israel


Rev. Tor Uja, Executive Secretary, Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC), said the commission planned to reduce the fare for pilgrimage to Israel, citing the low economic situation in the country as the reason.

Uja made this known at the Conference of Pilgrimage Leaders and Managers of Nigeria on Thursday in Abuja.

The focus of the conference was “Pilgrimage, the Church and Nigeria”.

He said that the commission was trying to ensure that the cost of pilgrimage was reduced to enable Christians who would like to embark on the exercise to do without much difficulty.

“One of the reasons why we have to reduce the cost of pilgrimage is because our economy is not smiling at all.

“We do not want a burden either on individuals or the government; we want it to be cheaper for anybody who wants to embark on pilgrimage to do so without struggle.

“We will announce it to the public; we believe that it can be made cheaper.

“We have a committee that is working on that and we intend that any unnecessary weight that can be cut down should be cut down,” he said.

Uja said that the commission had invited air carriers and ground handlers to meet and decide how the fare and other reductions could be made.

“We have invited our air carriers and ground handlers for a meeting so that we can dialogue and see if we can make the flights fare cheaper.

“We are going to meet with them to see if managing of pilgrims in Israel can be made cheaper too by reducing the cost of accommodation, feeding and other local elements.

“When all that is done, definitely, the cost of travelling to Israel will come down,” he stated.

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Source:: PM Newspaper