UK gets new prime minister Wednesday

Britain Home Secretary Theresa May to be officially unveiled as UK's new Prime Minister on Wednesday

Britain Home Secretary Theresa May to be officially unveiled as UK’s new Prime Minister on Wednesday

David Cameron is to step down as Prime Minister on Wednesday after Prime Minister’s Questions. Theresa May will succeed him.

An eurozone’s top official says it’s important that Britain’s next prime minister gets on with sorting out the implications of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union as soon as possible, reports Associated Press.

Speaking after it became apparent that Theresa May could replace David Cameron as soon as this week, Jeroen Dijsselbloem said the next British prime minister will have to “find solutions for the Brexit which has been causing a lot of problems particularly for the U.K., but also for Europe.”

He said that the “sooner we can sort out this problematic situation the better.”

Dijsselbloem spoke ahead of a meeting of the eurozone’s 19 finance ministers in Brussels.

Though Britain’s decision to leave the EU isn’t a primary topic of discussion, the finance ministers have a number of thorny issues to address that have been elevated in the wake of the referendum result, such as the financial health of Italian banks.

The head of the committee running the Conservative leadership contest says it and the party board will meet to discuss confirming Theresa May as the winner of the race and Britain’s next prime minister.

May’s only opponent, Andrea Leadsom, has dropped out of the contest, saying she does not have enough support.

Graham Brady, who heads the party’s policymaking 1922 Committee, said he would consult the board on Monday before formally confirming that May is the new leader.

He did not suggest re-opening the contest, saying May is now the only contender.

Asked if May would be declared leader by the end of the day he said “it won’t take nine weeks” — the time the race had been due to …Read More

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