Kidnapped 85-year old woman regains freedom

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An 85-year old woman, Catherine Omomoh from Auchi, who was kidnapped in Benin, Edo, South-south Nigeria has regained her freedom after spending seven days in the kidnappers’ den.

Omomoh was kidnapped at her residence at No. 75, Obeh Street, off Sapele Road, Benin City last week by gunmen.

The incident occurred when three gunmen invaded her residence and forced her into their jeep and took her away.

Omomoh was discovered weak and famished at the early hours of Tuesday, 60 kilometers from her house at Algeria forest, a boundary between Edo and Delta States.

She said she believed her abduction was in connection with her son in-law from all their interrogations with her.

“They asked me why my son in-law sniffs around other people’s affairs which clearly showed that my kidnapping had something to do with my son in-law (Peter Okhani). I was never physically harmed by my captors, but I was quite traumatized by being abducted and held captive,” she said.

Also speaking, Mrs. Regina Okhani, daughter of the victim, said her husband had been a political target by unknown enemies.

“It is obvious my mother’s abduction has some interests. The people were infuriated by the latest rumour in the state that my husband is back in Nigeria,” she added.

Regina said she believed her mother was abducted so as to get authentic information from her about her husband since they could not get her, noting that “politicians just want to silence her husband.”

“My husband is not known to be at loggerheads with someone. The only explanation we could provide is that he could have angered some powerful interests with his religious belief and political activism,” said Regina.

Edo State Police spokesman, Usman Abubakar said an investigation had been launched but declined to make further comment on the issue.

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Source:: PM Newspaper