OAU crisis and the falsifiers at work

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Adediwura Alawode

In his article entitled ‘Crisis in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife’, Wumi Raji, an Associate Professor in the Department of Dramatic Arts, OAU, liberally revealed that he belongs to the same depraved universe of those who project and accept falsehood as truth. The ethically deceased inhabitants of that degenerate space are always animated by and drunken with happiness when grossly distorted facts favour them. But when they are at the receiving end of such vile practice, they hang no fire in howling about how their human dignity and rights are battered and violated.

With the practised ease of an inveterate falsifier, Wumi Raji in his longwinded (some 2,320 words) waffle, published on Thursday July 14, 2016, on the website of the TheNews Magazine, freely runs the spike of lies through the precious heart of truth. To be sure, some commentators who have written on the OAU crisis since it began stood on the abomasum of glaring facts. So, this drama teacher has an inconsequential few spin doctors to company with. While some of his points on the OAU disaster are not worth the grace of response, I invite you to come with me to the ones that offend truth and decency.

First, Wumi Raji declaimed authoritatively that the ‘Governing Council usurped the role of the Joint Council and Senate Selection Board’ (JCSSB)in the process leading to the appointment of the substantive Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ayobami Salami, on June 6. The position of the JCSSB remains that its duty was never usurped. And this provides a strong rebuttal against the fabrication of people like this university teacher. Because his is not an intellectual mind habituated to the grace of depth and thoroughness, Wumi Raji in paragraph 10 0f his prolix write-up contradicted himself by saying the same JCSSB which in …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper