Reuben Abati: Theresa May, Melaye and the leader’s wife


By Reuben Abati

“Have you been to Bourdillon? Or rather I should ask when are you going to Bourdillon?”

“What’s happening?”

“I hear people are paying solidarity visits to the Tinubus to express their dismay over Senator Dino Melaye’s assault on Senator Remi Tinubu, wife of the APC National Leader.”


“That is precisely what it is. Assault. Sexual harassment. Abuse. Threat of rape. Definite expression of intent to commit adultery and impregnate another man’s wife.”

“I read that story. I still find it difficult to believe that a distinguished Senator would descend to such level. If that is the quality of reasoning among Nigerian parliamentarians, then the country is in more serious trouble than anyone could ever imagine.”

“Dino Melaye has not denied the statements he allegedly made. And the Tinubu camp is on an offensive against him. I read a response saying if he carries out his threat, things will happen.”

“Things should not only happen, I think every member of the National Assembly should undergo a psychiatrist test and a drug test.”

“Ha. You can’t conscript the entire National Assembly to undertake tests that are not required by law. And you can’t jump from something one Senator did to cast innuendo on other lawmakers.”

“You call it innuendo? You try. From the look of things, male members of this National Assembly are convinced that women are sex objects. Is this not the same National Assembly where male chauvinists resisted a Gender Equality Bill? Is it not in this same parliament that supposedly distinguished men stood up to defend marriage to the girl-child? And now you have a Senator threatening to beat up a female colleague, rape, impregnate her and that nothing will happen.”

“The man practically admitted his love of violence and lack of respect for a colleague. That is too much of an …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper