Reinhard Bonnke: My Evangelism Experience in Africa

Reinhard Bonnke

World famous Christian evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke, has narrated his experience while evangelizing in Africa.

Wherever he goes, a lot of aura goes with him. Wherever he holds his crusades and fire conferences, people literally flow in like rivers into the ocean. Reinhard Bonnke has become a factor in Christian or perhaps religious circles across the globe. When he visited Lagos in what tagged the “Great Millennium Crusade,” a sea of hands and heads waved in the sky with the gentleness of giant savannah grasses responding to the gentle push of the wind. As hand went from left to the right, a joyful noise from beneath. It was the roaring of millions of peoples. It went on for minutes on end. Never before in the history of the National Stadium had such chants of victory been heard in its vicinity. And an endless account of miracles followed- the lame walked, the blind see… that has been the landmark of the German evangelist to Africa – prosperity, signs and wonders.

Questions on miracles have dominated religious debates for ages. Virtually all scriptures, the Hindus Veda; The Christian Bibles and the Muslim Quran are replete with accounts of extraordinary performances. Indeed all belief sacred or profane come complete with incredible violations of the laws of nature. To make such breach believable, the name of the Almighty only need to be dropped. The religionists simply in the majority are avowed believers in the miraculous. They will offer their lives to defend that belief.

But doubting Thomases also exist. These tiny minority of skeptics have always challenged the believers to show the sense in their claims. Regrettably, religion, the world over, does not lay claim to sense of logic! One of the most cynical attackers of the concept of miracles ever produced by history is David Hume, …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper