Ijaw group okays Ajasin’s nomination as NDDC board member



The Ilaje National Development Initiative (INDI) has described the nomination of Mr. Tokunbo Ajasin as the Ondo State representative on the board of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC as a great decision that will bring about egalitarian representation that the Buhari’s government stands for.

The group, in a statement by its president, Engr. Thomas Mogbomerun, said Ajasin’s nomination would bring back egalitarianism in the discharge of duties of the board.

“We know the Ajasin’s antecedent in Nigeria’s politics as incorruptible and development-focused. We are happy his nomination will bring back the long-departed egalitarian philosophy of governance,” he said.

The group appealed to those opposing Ajasin’s nomination to jettison their primordial sentiments and support President Buhari’s desire to appoint credible people who would ensure good governance to everyone without discrimination.

“Indigene” was used only once in the 1999 Constitution in Section 147(3) and it was used in relation with State. The said section also emphasised the need to balance distribution of powers in accordance with the dictates of federal character principle.

“Consequently, Ajasin deserves the nomination because the two other federal appointments that have come to Ondo State so far were shared between the South and Central Senatorial Districts of the state. Minister of State for Niger Delta, Prof. Daramola is from the Ondo South Senatorial District while our leader, Chief Akinyelure, is from the Central Senatorial District.”

“Demanding that the nominee for NDDC Board also comes from Ondo South is against fairness and the principle of Federal Character,” he said.

The group said beyond the legal premise, the merit of Ajasin’s nomination could not be disputed and that this alone was enough reason for every well-meaning citizen of Ondo State to happily support him.

“We believe that Ajasin will represent a detour from previous tradition of nepotism and cronyism that concentrated opportunities from the NDDC in the …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper