Hindu radicals beat Muslim women over beef rumour


A report said that suspected Hindu radicals in India’s central state of Madhya Pradesh assaulted two Muslim women on suspicion that they were carrying beef, has on Wednesday triggered uproar in the parliament.

It said that the allegations of cow slaughter have inflamed communal tensions in India over the past months.

Hindus, a majority in the country, regard cows as holy and their slaughter is banned in several Indian states.

According to the report, mobile phone videos broadcast on news channels showed the activists slapping, kicking and abusing the women after they alighted from a train at a railway station in Mandsaur district on Tuesday.

It said that the women were arrested and the State Home Minister, Bhupender Singh, promised action against the activists.

Last year, a 55-year old Muslim man was beaten to death by a Hindu mob in northern India over rumours that he and his family were consuming beef.

Recently, four men from a lower-caste community were also beaten for skinning a dead cow.

Attacks over alleged cattle-killing and beef-eating have been a focus of a campaign by Hindu activists.

Muslims, the largest religious minority in India, make up an estimated 14 percent of the country’s 1.25 billion inhabitants.

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Source:: PM Newspaper