Access Bank’s CSR drive and why people come first

Herbert Wigwe, Access Bank's Group Managing Director

Herbert Wigwe, Access Bank’s Group Managing Director

Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe the current CEO and Group managing director of Access Bank, one of Nigeria’s top five banking institutions, is a Nigerian banker and entrepreneur. This write up in our appraisal series attempts to delve into the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives

The primary motive for setting up a business venture is profit, which is to say that no investor establishes a business as a charitable organization. But no organization is an island to itself, and none can survive by focusing primarily on the commercial purpose of its establishment without consideration to its host community.

The profit motive must be balanced with the need to care for the externalities that guarantee its survival. It therefore becomes imperative to look beyond the profit objective along the line.

It must take cognizance of the fact that an organization’s survival as a going concern depends largely on its activities outside the confines of its premises; on how it impacts its environment.

Access Bank Plc has become one of Nigeria’s most responsible corporate citizens, thanks chiefly to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of Herbert Wigwe, the bank’s Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, who has immensely demonstrated commitment to making the financial institution leave its mark not just in Nigeria, but also on the African continent as a leading exponent of sustainable development through corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

He has succeeded in managing the bank’s CSR initiatives to addressing key social issues that are strategic not just to its business, but also to its stakeholders and wherever it can make meaningful contributions to the development of society through the following:

Financial Inclusion
Under Wigwe, Access Bank has been able to implement a key aspect of its sustainability strategy necessary for its stakeholders long-term success through an intensive drive of financial inclusion. The …Read More

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