Woman caught on security cameras urinating and drinking it


A bizarre moment was recorded when a woman pulled down her knickers and took a pee in a cup on a shop counter in a corner shop, then drank it.

Security cameras caught the unbelievable moment, which was said to be a mini protest after a staff member refused to let her use the shop’s loo.

The shocking incident was caught on the shop’s CCTV and it showed her climbing onto the counter and urinating into a paper cup next to the cash register before putting the cup to her lips and draining it of its contents.

The woman apparently entered the shop asking to use the loo, but she quickly lost her temper when the employee refused her request.

The employee in the video said, “If you want to use the toilet, I’ll show you the way. Don’t do anything stupid.”

But the woman, who it is believed suffers from mental illness, climbed onto the counter and began squatting down, saying: “I want to pee.”

The shop employee, now shocked shouted: “What are you doing? Get down from there. Get down – I’ll take you to the toilet.”

The woman placed the paper cup underneath her as she relieved herself on the counter, with the lone staff member reportedly calling police.

But the woman exhibited an even more shocking behaviour when she picked up the paper cup and drank her own pee, only pulling her pants back up and leaving when she was done.

A puddle of urine could be seen on the shop counter as the video ends.

According to Mirror Online, it is not clear whether the woman was arrested for her actions, but if found to be suffering from a mental disorder, it is unlikely she will be charged.

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Source:: PM Newspaper