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Reuben Abati

Reuben Abati

Reuben Abati

“I hear we are no longer Nigeria, but the United States of Nigeria”

“You didn’t hear anything. Stop being hypocritical, my friend.”

“But the incumbent Minister of Sports is on record as having said something like that”

“I know. That dumb Minister who wears the red cap that looks like something taken and approved from a shrine?”

“Ye, that one, Solomon Dalung. The same one who is mismanaging Nigeria’s trip to the Rio Olympics.”

“If he said that, it must have been a case of a slip of the tongue. There are more important issues we should worry about, my friend. But really, what is wrong with Nigeria being a United States of Nigeria? We should actually be a United States, because if there is anything we need in this country it is unity. I take it that the Minister was speaking loud. A case of malapropism, no more no less…”

“What is that? Speak like a normal human being, this man, I have always told you. Ma-la-pro-pri-sm.”

“A slip of the tongue, that is what it means, but in this case a truthful slip right from the heart of serendipity. I actually think Nigeria should be united.”

“Kai. Allahu Akbar. I think you are the real hypocrite. People speak I know, but your own, you must use one big word to confuse everybody. It is a national problem, any day. Nobody talks straight in Nigeria, anymore. You either have to use wisdom or carry a dictionary. They say one thing today. Tomorrow, they say another thing. You, you have joined them. Even Nigerian economy sef, has become magic. ”

“Can you just calm down? The Minister wanted to refer to the United States of America. But he mentioned Nigeria. You can’t crucify him for that. It shows he means well …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper