Why Nigerians should embrace cooking gas


Published on November 12, 2016 by pmnews   ·   No Comments


With the increasing price of kerosene and with the campaign against deforestation gaining more momentum across the country, Nigerians have been advised to embrace the use of gas for cooking.

The advantages of using gas to cook include energy efficiency, precise temperature control, immediate heating and cooling, lower operating cost and the ability to work without power.

The use of gas cookers has been proven to be the best alternative to electric cookers, fueled by LPG (butane or propane). Cooking gas is the way to go for those who want a clean and pleasant cooking experience, however, the numerous benefits of cooking gas over other forms of energy make it an attractive choice for homeowners.

According to James Atiti, co-founder Doowe Gas, an e-commerce startup that specializes in the door-to-door delivery of cooking gas,…

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