Awo: Humanising An Earthly God


Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo

By Festus Adedayo

The select crowd that gathered at the Efunyela Hall, within the Obafemi Awolowo family compound in Ikenne, Ogun State on that Thursday, May 4, 2017 obviously comprised of two groups: with one set of people (about five in all) being those who had met, associated with and had the opportunity of knowing the man Awolowo personally, and the other set, occurring as a number of youth who never met nor related with the man directly while alive. It was five days to the anniversary of the thirty years of the passage of Chief Awolowo. For the former, the man was made of flesh and blood, like every other mortal on earth. To the latter, however, Awolowo was one huge mythical personality, as documented in Nigerian history. They had heard so many larger-than-life stories of his politics, his cultural views, his administration of the Western Region,…

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