Muslims Tasked On Good Neighbourliness


FILE PHOTO: Muslims praying ground.

An Islamic scholar, Dr Moshood Salisu, has urged Muslims to cultivate excellent relationships with their non-Muslim neighbours, as a way of further attracting the blessings of Allah.

Salisu, a lecturer in the Department of Religious and Peace Studies at the Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo, made the plea on Saturday in Lagos.

“Part of what Allah regards as righteousness is good neighbourliness, regardless of religion, race or colour.

“What is important is that we are carrying the same soul and we should all respect that soul,’’ he said.

Salisu said that the prophet of Islam treated non Muslims with dignity, adding that by treating non Muslims with honour and dignity, it becomes easy to make them see the beauty of Islam.

“The prophet of Islam is on record to have held non Muslims in high regard.

“On one occasion, when the corpse…

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