UK Doctor Mistakenly Removes Patient’s Fallopian Tube


Dr. Lawal Haruna

The UK Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service has struck off a doctor Lawal Haruna for performing 3 botched operations that have been described as “Never events”.

In March 2015, Lawal mistakenly removed a patient’s Fallopian tube and ovary during an operation to remove her appendix.

The patient, identified as “Patient B” was not of childbearing age as at the time of the incident.

In 2013, Lawal mistakenly removed a pad of fat from a man identified as “Patient A”, who had acute appendicitis.

Patient A was in pain for a month after Lawal’s operation, and had to undergo a further operation to remove his appendix.

Lawal also removed a skin tag from a third patient who had been admitted with a cyst.

According to UK Telegraph, Lawal, who says he has 25 years’ experience, dismissed the incidents as “trifling errors” and said the appendix and…

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