Airline shareholders commend NSE listing, dividend


Medview Airline

Med-View Airline Plc shareholders on Wednesday lauded the board and management for listing on the Nigerian Stock Exchange  (NSE) in spite of challenging operating environment.

The shareholders stated this at the company’s first Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Lagos.

They also commended the management for 3k dividend declared for the financial year ended Dec. 31, 2016 and authorised the raising of additional capital via debt instruments, preference shares or ordinary shares.

Mr Nona Awo, a shareholder, lauded the company for seeking quotation at the most difficult time in the Nigerian Stock market.

Awo said that the company took the bold step to list its shares on the NSE to allow Nigerians to be part owners in spite of the market situation.

He also said that the shareholders were very pleased with the company for getting dividend in less than four months of…

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