The Recently Unmentionable – Joining the Connecting Dots


Kole Omotoso

By Kole Omotoso

During the last three to four years, South Africa witnessed a number of crucially important incidents. At the end of April 2013, a private plane carrying passengers from India to attend a private wedding celebration landed at Waterkloof Military Base near Pretoria.

There was media curiosity and then security inquiry. Who owned the plane? How come it could land in a South African military base, a place reserved for high security purposes? Who is it able to re-purpose (a word that will become more and more familiar as we go on with this piece) a public space for a private grace? The Gupta family were mentioned as the owners of the private plane, the owners of the private passengers and the owners of the wedding celebration. So, who gave them permission to land at a secure military base?

Foreign Affairs ministry said they knew nothing about it. The…

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