Security Concerns: Pope Puts Off Visit To Sudan


Pope Francis: Head of the Catholic Church

Pope Francis will not visit South Sudan this year, the Vatican said on Tuesday, after an Italian newspaper reported that a mooted trip had been put off because it was considered too dangerous.

South Sudan is suffering from famine and a civil war that started more than three years ago.

Francis was planning a trip with the archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who represents the majority religion in the country on Oct. 15.

“A possible trip has been under study, but it will not take place this year,” Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said.

He reacted to a report by Rome-based paper Il Messaggero, according to which the decision not to go was taken “a few days ago” after a delegation that went to South Sudan concluded that security was too precarious.

Francis had said in February that he was considering a trip to South Sudan.

On May 3,…

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