Call For Restructuring And The Need For Nigerians To Beware



By Nelson Ekujumi

Recently the call for restructuring has began to win new converts, but whether they know the meaning and import of the crusade is very important, however, we shall excuse that discussion for now.

While it is not in dispute that restructuring along the lines of true federalism is an essential ingredient for successfully managing a country of diverse ethnic nationalities like Nigeria, but it is very important to alert Nigerians to beware of false prophets who are wolves in sheep clothing, lest they lead many astray.

For our information and education, some of the loudest voices for restructuring are elements with political undertone who have been displaced economically by the new order and are thus latching onto restructuring as a means of restoration of the old order.

Some of these persons and groups are not genuinely interested in restructuring for the…

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