Comey hearing: Sessions to testify in response


Former FBI boss James Comey

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he will appear before a Senate panel in response to James Comey’s testimony.

He will appear before the Senate intelligence committee on Tuesday, he announced in a letter.

He said the decision had been made “in light of Mr Comey’s recent testimony”.

Former FBI director Mr Comey told the panel this week that he had asked Mr Sessions to “prevent any future direct communication between the president and me”.

The testimony made headlines around the world, as it was the first time Mr Comey had publicly given his side of the apparent fall-out between himself and US President Donald Trump in the run-up to his being fired in May.

‘Important opportunity’

In his letter on Saturday, Mr Sessions said, “It is important that I have an opportunity to address these matters in the appropriate forum” which he…

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