June 12, 1993 And The Lessons Of History


Late MKO Abiola

By Joe Igbokwe

Those who were not born before June 12 1993 may not know what is all about. For record purposes, June 12 1993 was the day Nigerians from the East, West ,North and rose in one voice, in amity, in unity, in concord and tandem to elect Chief M.K.O as the president of Nigeria. But on 21st June 1993 the former military president, retired General Ibrahim Babangida annulled the historic election and set Nigeria on the path of crisis, leading to many deaths including the winner and the wife ,Kudrirat Abiola. In my book, Heroes of Democracy (1999) the struggle for the revalidation of that mandate and the consequences was documented for posterity and generations yet unborn. Today I want to talk about the historical importance of that election, the pains , the sacrifices, the losses and the lessons.

Recall that the consummate winner of that historic…

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