Flood claims 27 lives



Heavy rains and flooding have claimed at least 27 lives in the West African nations of Niger and Cote d’voire, officials said on Saturday.

The officials said that at least 16 people died in Niger, authorities said on Saturday.

Meanwhile, 11 deaths were reported in Cote d’voire by the military fire officials.

Hundreds more have been affected.

“In Niger, more than 400 houses were destroyed and 3,000 people lost their homes,’’ the government said.

The worst-hit areas were the capital Niamey in the south-west and other regions in the south and west of the country.

“We are just at the start of a rainy season that will last at least two months,” the military source in Cote d’voire said.

However, UN analysts had forecast unusually strong rains in parts of Africa this year and have warned that 157,000 people live in areas that could be hit by flooding.

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