Dear Acting President Osinbajo, Saraki is coming… act fast!


Akin Fadeyi

“Nelson Mandela was an extra ordinary human being. He put a strong ‘truth and reconciliation’ committee together. He was not insulting everyone and anyone. It earned him global respect. Leadership matters when you want to heal a divided nation. Donald Trump hurls abusive speeches at every perceived opposition in sight and that has greatly damaged America.”

These were very punchy and incisive comments of ED LUCE, Financial Times Chief Commentator on Fareed Zakaria on GPS on the night of Sunday June 18th, 2017.

Opening topic was on why GOP Congressman and Louisiana Rep, Steve Scalise, was shot by an obviously disgruntled 66 year old American who had nursed disgust for Donald Trump’s style of racially divisive politics. James T. Hodgkinson was lurking in dark shadows like an untamed reptile. He struck before anyone could cage him and dealt a great blow not…

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