Video: This dude says he killed Tupac and Biggie


In case you are still wondering who killed Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G., wonder no more. This crazy rapper dude confessed he did.


Dude [Rapping]: I killed tupac and I killed biggie; I killed them all ‘çause they can’t contain my rap game; bla, bla, bla.. çause I kill you all now….

Judges: heeeeey… No, no, no, Calm down. You killed who?

Dude: It’s just a lyric. Don’t fear.

Judges: Lyric? Your lyric will put you in trouble. You have to be very careful. You don’t just go about saying things that you don’t know.

Dude: Rap game….. bla bla bla.

Judges: Ok. How old are you?

Dude: I’ve been in this game for more than 20 years.

Judges: How old are you?

Dude: I’m 15 years old.

Judges: What?

Dude: Just forget my age. Just focus on how long I’ve been in the game.

Judges: Then, you know Tupac, you know Snoop Dogg, you know 50 cent.

Dude: By the grace…

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